Tiffany and Jessie proposal - Jennifer Green Imagery

Recent feedback from clients

"Jennifer was extremely important to our event. She was very accommodating, and easy to work with. Jennifer went out of her way to ensure that every shot was of the utmost professional quality, and it showed. Thank you Jennifer, for doing such a wonderful job at our event!" BA, Boys and Girls Club

"Can’t thank you enough on the wonderful job putting these wedding memories together. some of the images are incredible and some are funny and some are just wow!"JF, newlywed, San Diego

"These are really great pictures, kinda like the best pictures of my world I've seen yet." AG, business owner, San Diego

"... the photos of the house made me excited to see it in person, and nicely captured the feel of the home. I also appreciated that no wide-angle trickery was used to try to create more space than was there." JM, home buyer, San Diego

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